Backyard party ideas | Outdoor cinema

backyard party ideas | outdoor cinema

Backyard party ideas | Outdoor cinema

How to set up an outdoor cinema in your back yard and host an epic kids party!

We really hoped that that would be the last of Covid and when the clock strikes 12 we entered a new year with fresh beginnings, but it’s only a few days in to the new year and unfortunately we know many people have fallen victim to omicron!

So, how are we supposed to celebrate birthdays this year? We have missed so many celebrations and postponed birthdays because of this virus. It seems like we will never know a world without Covid so perhaps it is time to learn to live with it. If you are comfortable continuing your celebrations, we are suggesting outdoor parties as a way to reduce the transmission (as suggested by the experts). So, it’s time to get creative with our outdoor party themes! 

One theme that we absolutely love, if you have the space for it, is setting up an outdoor cinema! 

How to set up an outdoor cinema:

You will need:

Bean bags or cushions to sit on

Projector – you can pick these up on Amazon or at JB for a couple hundred dollars. (The best part about this theme is you can reuse it for plenty of family fun). 

Family favourite movie

White sheet or a projector screen if you prefer but a white sheet will do.


Simply hang the sheet against a solid surface such as a fence. Set up the projector and play the movie. 

To set up the area for the children, make sure you include plenty of soft furnishings to sit on, warm blankets (it can get cold on summer nights) and side tables for food and drinks to be placed on. If you want to make it like a gold class experience you could create individual menus for the kids to order off and even give them a bell or buzzer to ring for service. Just remember, it can get dark later in summer due to daylight savings so this party idea might be best for the older children.

Don’t forget the party decorations! 

To make this party extra special be sure to pick up some party decorations.

Our recommendations that work well with this theme include:

Lunch-Box-Classic-Pastel-Mint-Green Snack-Cone-Classic-Pastel-Lilac paper-party-hat-with-tassel-topper-classic-pastel-pink