Christmas Activities

glow jar

As we get closer to Christmas, we wanted to share some fun Christmas activities to do together at home! We are a big fan of activities that are quick to set up and clean up but are also a lot of fun, so we thought that this activity ticked all the right boxes!

Magical fairy jars

These magical fairy jars are perfect night lights and even Christmas lights to put out the night before Santa arrives! These jars are made using glow sticks.

One thing we do want to address which may be on your mind- are glow sticks toxic? We have done some research on this subject and research tells us no but we will let you do your own research. Either way, we would suggest that this activity is created with parental assistance of supervisor.  If you are concerned about the toxicity of the glow stick, we would suggest using gloves to create them.

Watch the tutorial video

Activity Instructions:

What you will need:

  • One jar – you could reuse an old pasta sauce or we like the plastic jars just incase they are knocked over they are less likely to leak or smash.
  • Glow sticks- we suggest the large (fat) glow sticks for this activity
  • Glitter (iridescent or silver) or you could use different colours to match the colour of the glow stick


  1. Crack the glow stick to activate the glow
  2. Cut off the top of the glow stick (this job is best for mum or dad)
  3. Once you have the glow stick open you will need to empty the solution into the jar. If you use the fat glow stick this is fairly easy to do. If you use the smaller ones, it can take some time to empty into the jar.

glow stick

4. Add your glitter

5. Put the lid on the jar and shake the jar until the sides of the jar are covered in glitter and glow

glow jar

6. Watch it glow! Best to do this activity before bed so the solution is still active when the kids go to bed. 

You could do green and red colours for Christmas and put them around the Christmas tree or use them as a night light to guide the way for Santa. This activity is also perfect for when the tooth fairy comes!

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