Christmas Day table decorations & activity ideas

Christmas Day table decorations & activity

All your Christmas Day table decorations & activity ideas to ensure extra fun this year around the Christmas table!

Let’s face it, this holiday really is all about the kids. So, when you are setting up for Christmas day and writing the never-ending list of things that you will need: food, presents, drinks, etc. don’t forget to put the kid’s activities & table settings on that list as well!

Taking the time to set up their table and pre-plan their activities as well will feel so worth it when you see the excitement on their little faces! We know it can be time consuming but here are a few ideas to get you started!

  1. Christmas can be chaos! We know what it’s like…you’re sitting down to eat but the kids are running everywhere and you can’t quite get them to all sit still. So, to keep the kids in their chairs and entertained at Christmas we have the perfect solution that won’t cost you at all! Give each child a Christmas colouring placemat to complete while they are at the table. To make it even more interesting, tell them that it is a Christmas Day colouring in competition (it helps to have a prize for best coloured). This will keep the little munchkins going for a while 😉 Here are some free printables that you might like to use:


Christmas colouring sheet Christmas colouring sheet example

  1. The table setting: this one is important! Don’t forget with so much excitement chances are you’re going to have a few broken plates and cups so don’t break out the expensive china when it comes to setting the kids table. Our suggestion is always to use the disposable plates because its less dishes and a bit more fun! Besides the classic red and green you could opt for a gold and silver table setting or something more modern like pastels – or our favourites lately is pink & rose gold or blue and silver!

Christmas table setting Christmas table setting

  1. Bon-bons! Another great Christmas activity to keep those busy bees well, busy, are bon bons! Care to make it interesting? On Christmas day, create a “treasure hunt” with these bon bons. Each one including the first clue to where the next will be found, eventually leading to the final present or “treasure”. I have used a gingerbread house before as the final piece as another activity to do together, which leads us to our next idea…

Paper-Bonbon-Classic-Metallic-Gold.Paper Bonbon Classic Metallic Silver

  1. Ginger bread house decorating! You can do this one together or give each child their own piping bag and gingerbread house or man to decorate. My preference is to do ginger bread men individually for each child so no one gets left out but it is always a lot of fun doing this together as well. Don’t forget to add some matching aprons and cooking utensils to this activity 😉

ginger bread house decorating ginger bread decorating

I hope that you like our favourite Christmas activity ideas and have a lot of fun around the Christmas table this year!

Merry Christmas!