Christmas Eve traditions

Christmas tree decorations

Looking for some Christmas Eve traditions?

It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas…. Yep, we just sang that in our heads too!

At the moment, you can’t escape the Christmas carols running on repeat and every day that passes there seems to be another Christmas tree popping up in the shop window. What a magical time of year it is, especially if you have little ones at home that are eagerly awaiting the arrival of Santa!

You’ve probably already dusted off your elf in the shelf and are desperately searching the web for some cheeky ideas for elf to get up to this year in your household. And if you haven’t already, you should probably get that Christmas tree set up 😉

It’s funny, but as time goes on we all start to develop our own Christmas household traditions. What does Christmas look like in your household? We would love to know! One of the latest trends that we are just loving is the Christmas Eve box! When you were younger did you get to open one gift on Christmas eve? It’s similar to this but the Christmas eve box is designed to inspire a fun activity for you and your family to do together. It’s a chance to spend some quality time together before the craziness of presents and family catch ups begin. If you like these idea, here are our top picks for what to put in your very own Christmas Eve box:

 Use a special delivery Santa sack for this one or a special gift box.

What better way to inspire excitement and participation then an early gift delivered express from the north pole?  Or, some people even like to gift these from mum and dad (or dad and dad, mum and mum etc.), considering Santa gifts usually come Christmas Day. Either way, make sure you wrap this little gift in something special.

Christmas gift and hot chocolate

Add something for them:

Add something into the gift that they can use the night before Christmas, things like new PJ’s or slippers or even sleep masks are very cute gifts and will be sure to get the kids super excited for the night before Christmas. We are also loving the matching PJ ranges they have for families at this time of year – they make the perfect Christmas Eve photo!

Matching Christmas PJs

Add a task or activity that can be completed together:

A task that can be completed together such as a baking activity like cooking cookies for Santa to leave out overnight (and of course, a few for you all to taste test ;)). Or another great activity to do together on Christmas Eve is to decorate a gingerbread house or gingerbread cookies. Christmas doesn’t get much more traditional than this activity. Plus, it means that on Christmas Day you will have some great treats to share with the rest of the fam!

Christmas cookies

Setting up for Santa:

Probably one of our favourite activities to do for Christmas – get ready for Santa!

Make sure everyone’s stockings are hung up and easy to access. Make sure there is a clear path for Santa to enter through. Set out the cookies and the glass of milk and of course don’t forget the carrots or the oats for the reindeers!!

Santas Stockings

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