How to style your kids birthday party

cake table

Here is our, how to style your kids birthday party guide!

Styling your children’s birthday parties doesn’t have to be a daunting task! We have put together all the steps below to create a kids’ birthday party that looks like it has been styled by a pro! It’s all about minimalistic styling that come together to create a real WOW factor!

  1. Think about layers in your place settings:

One way to make a kid’s birthday party stand out is to add layers. Think about the plates that you are using for your party. If you can, purchase two different sized plates, a large and a dessert sized plate. Place the dessert plate on top of the large plate to give a 3D element to your setting. Napkins are also a great way to add layers. Place the napkin in the middle of the plate on an angle so that it looks like a diamond – cloth napkins are also a great addition to dangle from the plate. For final touches try adding a personalised name tag for each child so they can clearly see where they are sitting – this is great for children who can read or recognise their own name, it’s a lot of fun for them to find their place as well as adding a beautiful touch to your place setting!

  1. Adding height, adding depth:

Creating a food or beverage station that stands out is all about creating depth! To do this, you will need to source a number of different sized platforms, cake stands and jars. Usually you will have one centre piece that is the highest height – this might be your cake for example or even drink dispensers (Kmart as a range of these that are perfect for kid’s parties). Then you will add the stands staggered around the table. See photo for inspiration below!

table setting

  1. Statement vs small details.  

The final step to styling like a pro is to add some florals or a backdrop. The back drop to your station is your statement piece. Big letter balloons or number balloons are perfect for this or even a DIY balloon garland. Next to the balloon numbers you could also choose to have some standard balloon bouquets next to them for some added sparkle. Otherwise, if you can get your hands on them for cheap enough, an acrylic wall is a beautiful backdrop. You could still use the number in front of the wall or perhaps get a printed message stuck on. Finally, to add a few small delicate details. Florals are a great way to add a fresh detail to your setting. Something like baby’s breath is a delicate flower that adds a fresh look to and table setting. Place it in a vase or a couple dispersed around the table. Another great item to use is glitter or confetti! Confetti drizzled around the table is sure to add a bit of sparkle to your party!

cake table


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