Kids party game ideas

dancing party

So, your hosting a kid’s birthday party and looking for kids party games ideas to keep the kids entertained. We have put together a list of traditional and not so traditional party games that are a crowd pleaser at every party!

  1. Pin the tail on the donkey:

This game is always a hit and the best thing of all, you can theme it to match your party theme! The perfect DIY option for home birthday parties. All you need is a piece of paper of card – preferably A1 size. You can purchase a stencil if you would like to draw a picture yourself or there are plenty of pre- packaged themes to buy online. If you want to create your own theme you could create it yourself! One of our favourites is the crown theme! All you need to do is cut out a crown from your paper and cut out some circles that can be used as jewels. Blind fold the kids, spin them around and have them try to place the jewels on the crown points.

  1. The chocolate game:

Warning, this game is a lot of fun! The idea is that one child starts off by sitting in the middle of the circle. They have to put all the dress ups on that you have selected and then cut a block of chocolate with a knife and folk and eat as much as they can before someone else rolls a six on the dice. It’s perfect for kids aged about 4 years old and older!

chocolate game

  1. Musical statues:

An oldie but a goodie. There is nothing better than rocking out to Taylor Swifts latest hit! The rules are very simple, when the music stops, all the kids need to freeze and the last one to freeze is out.

kids dancing

  1. Tik Tok queens:

Tik Tok is still relatively new but it’s a great way to get the party started. There are plenty of online tutorials that teach you how to do a tik tok dance. Play youtube on your TV and let the kids learn the dance. It’s also a great keepsake if you can film the end product- something you can look back on for years to come!

dancing party

  1. Treasure hunt:

There’s nothing better than a good old fashion treasure hunt! Why not draw your own map to match your surroundings or perhaps place a clue in each location leading to the ultimate prize- a chest full of treats! Our tip, make sure there is something for everyone to enjoy in the treasure chest so no one misses out.

treasure hunt

  1. Donut on a string:

I remember playing this game as a kid and I thought it was just the best! Tie up a donut for each child on a string. The washing line is a great place to do this! Then the aim of the game is to eat the donut off the string without using your hands. The more person who eats the most of their donut without it falling off onto the ground is the winner. Make sure you take into account the different heights for this game so even the little ones can play as well.

donut game

  1. Balloon on a string game:

This game is a whole lot of fun and boy in particular LOVE IT! You tie a balloon on a piece of string around the child’s foot, usually the string is about 50cm’s long. You play the music and when the music stops the kids have to try and pop someone else’s balloon. If your balloon gets popped, you are out my friend! This game can get very competitive so make sure you have enough space for the children to roam around without hurting each other… eke!

balloon game

  1. Under and over:

If you’re looking for a game for active boys to play, think about over and under. You can play it with a ball or even a balloon. You divide the group into two and they all stand in a line. You pass the ball or balloon to the next person first over the head and then under through the legs. When it gets to the end of the line, the child runs to the front and it starts again. Once the train has returned to its original form with the first child back to the front of the line, the game is complete and whichever line completes this first is the winner.

ball games

  1. Egg and spoon race

This game is low cost but high fun! It is pretty simple; you give each child a spoon and place an egg on top of it. The children need to get to the finish line as fast as possible without dropping their egg. You do need a bit of space to play this game- and be warned, it can get messy so it’s best to play it outside!

egg and spoon race

  1. Piñata

Who doesn’t love a good old fashioned piñata at their birthday! You can purchase piñatas online or for an added activity why not try and make a paper mache piñata yourself? Fill it with whatever you like, obviously, chocolates and lollies are a hit but make sure you get wrapped lollies if you are going to use them because they will more than likely end up on the floor. Or, if you’re a little worried about the sugar high you could also fill it with things like bubbles, fidget spinners and party whistles!


We have played these games many times over and they are a great addition to any party! But if you’re looking for a truly different party activity at your next kid’s birthday party, why not have a look at our kid’s party range!