The Do’s & Don’ts to cake topping!

cake topping

The do’s & Don’ts to cake topping!

Want to have your cake and top it too? Then, “cakeback” as we take you through the do’s & don’ts of cake topping!

There are three things to focus on when decorating a cake: the cake, the frosting and the decorations! The types of toppings that you select will often depend on the size of the cake, the shape and the overall aesthetic that you have in mind. But here are a few tips!


  1. Do: level your cake! Before you start icing don’t forget to level your cake! Levelling your cake is important. If the surface of the cake is not completely flat they may lean or wobble.

  1. Don’t frost a warm cake! Make sure you allow your cake the time to cool down before you begin frosting or icing. Otherwise the icing will run. Chill your cake for at least two hours but ideally even overnight.

icing a cake

  1. Don’t add cake toppings to a freshly iced cake!

Always let the cake sit for a while so that the icing can set. Topping a freshly iced cake will result in smears! Also, be sure about the ingredients you are using to top the cake e.g. if you are using fruit make sure the fruit is dry so that the moisture from the fruit does not make the icing run. If you are using something like macaroons be sure that your icing is not warm or your macaroons may melt.

cake toppings


  1. Do select an overall colour palate!

When selecting your cake, toppers try and stick to your overall colour palate. We suggest a max of three complimenting colours and stick to the 60-30-10 rule (head to our select a colour palate post for more info on this one).

colourful cake

  1. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different textures and ingredients!

Different textures and ingredients always work well together! For example, a smooth sleek finish such as a drip cake works well with crumbled chocolate macaroons on top.

cake layers

  1. Do use different heights!

Make sure your cake’s design is in proportion and scale is one key to creating a beautiful cake! You can focus on large extravagant focus points such as a number on a cake or words using a cake topper or you might choose to scale down and use small details such as minute roses in a trim.

cake heights

If you are looking for a beautiful finish to your cake, check out our cake toppers range online.