The latest and greatest baby shower trends!

baby shower cup cakes

Baby showers are such a special occasion. They are a time for mama to be to celebrate the forth coming arrival of their new baby. It’s a time to relax and take it all in before they take on their new role as mum. And of course, every special celebration deserves to be celebrated in style! That’s why we have gathered all the latest and greatest baby shower trends to help you plan your baby shower!

Combined baby shower & gender reveals:

One of the latest’s trends likely to be sweeping through your feeds at the moment is the baby shower and gender reveal combo! With restrictions limiting the time we can spend with loved ones it is no wonder many people are opting to join these celebrations together. It’s cheaper than celebrating twice, plus we are loving the blue and pink colour combinations!

baby shower cup cakes

baby shower colour trends: 

No surprise here, pastel pinks and blues are set to stay! Often paired with whites and rose gold is still a popular choice for the time being. Although the selection of gold as a secondary colour has definitely declined over the last year. Taking its place is iridescent. If you haven’t seen it yet, expect to see it very soon! We are loving this trend – its soft nature pairs perfectly with the pastel range.

Take home gifts

As always, you can expect to see take home gifts on display at your next baby shower. In the last couple of years, the take home personalised cookies have been a hit but now we are also seeing the use of milk boxes, lunch boxes and even paper bon-bons with personal name tags for each guest.  What a gorgeous touch!

lunch box gift

Baby Shower themes:

Instead of the usual boy/girl theme we have seen an increase in baby shower themes! Some of our favourites of the year would have to be:

Teddy bears picnic

High tea

Baby bunny theme


Sweet as can be


Baby shower menus

Considering the limit on house guests due to restrictions we are seeing more and more baby showers at restaurants and events venues or at the public park.

Menus that were traditionally canapé style or food stations are now also transforming into sit down lunches or high tea snacks. Picnic style is making a huge comeback with a boho picnic grazing table being a very popular choice.

Baby Shower Decorations:

It wouldn’t be a baby shower without some decorations! If you are celebrating a baby shower – chances are you want to celebrate with a statement decoration piece. We are still seeing balloon garlands as a trend for baby showers. The BABY balloon boxes are also here to stay!


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