Valentine’s Day activity- Door hearts

door hearts

Valentine’s Day activity- Door hearts  

“The greatest gift that I can give to my children is my time my love and my attention”.

This Valentine’s Day, give your little loves the best gift of all… time spent with you.

We have put together a great Valentine’s Day activity that you will love doing together!

Looking to start a new Valentine’s Day tradition in your household this year? Have you heard of Door Hearts?

Door hearts is a cute and easy gesture that will cost you nothing but a few kind words…

How to complete the “door hearts activity”

  1. Colored paper – draw and cut out a love heart. You can use different colours (our favourites for Valentine’s Day are pinks and reds but of course you can add a few blue hearts in for the boys as well.
  2. Write something that you love about your child on each heart
  3. Stick them to their door on Valentine’s Day so they can read all the things that you love about them.
  4. You can get everyone involved in this activity including dad and brothers and sisters. If you have a big family, try even doing a “kris kringle” or lucky dip activity so each person select one other family member out of a hat and they have to write some hearts for that person this Valentine’s Day.

You can do this activity for 14 days leading up to Valentine’s day (one heart for every day) or you can wait until Valentine’s Day to make one big impact.

And just in case you need some hearts to trace, here is a free printable to get you started!

Happy V’day my loves X


door hearts