Where to host your kids party

So, your child’s birthday is coming up and you cannot wait to get stuck into the planning! The first thing that is likely to be on the agenda is where do I hold my kids’ birthday party this year? We have put together a list of places and the pros and cons to each to help you make an informed decision that you kids will truly love!

  1. Hold your kids party at a venue:

Besides the obvious choices in this category like children’s Playcentre’s, and activity based parties like bowling alleys, adventure parks or the local pool, there is also another option. A private venue. Private venues are becoming a much more popular choice for hosting kid’s birthday parties.


As it is a private venue you are able to style the space to reflect the party theme of your choice. Often with activity based venues, themes are pre-set so there is little flexibility when it comes to theming. In the last couple of years, we have seen the styling of kid’s birthday parties dramatically change. Gone are the days of a few crepe streamers, blown up balloons on the floor and a party popper for each child. Now we are seeing styled place settings, elaborate take home gifts and decorative centre pieces. If this is the look you are going for, a private space may just be for you! Another bonus to a private venue is that they often provide catering so you don’t need to worry about sourcing food on top of everything else!


These venues can be pricey! By the time you add up the cake, decorations, presents, activities this can already bring with it a hefty price tag. Adding a venue hire fee into this mix can be a substantial cost. Private venue birthdays are a great option for milestone birthdays so maybe keep this one up your sleeve for when you want to celebrate with a large group of family and friends.

  1. In the local Park:

The local park is still a fabulous option for hosting children’s birthdays! Ahh the great outdoors – fresh air, so much free space for your little ones to burn off some steam – we can picture it now.

Kids Party Park


It is 100% free of charge and with the ongoing COVID restrictions, it can be a safer choice. We have seen some amazing park set ups lately including gourmet picnics – can I have my birthday styled like this?


It is weather dependant! If you have a winter baby, the park is probably not worth the risk. Not to mention, with the rising popularity or park birthday’s it can be hard to secure the best spot. You need to get there very early! There are a few ways around this, such as contacting the local council and applying for a permit. But this can be a lengthy process so best to start planning early!

  1. At home

At home birthdays have to be our favourite kind. They are just so personal!

kids party at home


You won’t break the bank when it comes to celebrating at home!

You can set your party up exactly how you want. There are no rules around what can go where or how it can be styled- you make the rules at home! We have seen some gorgeous at home celebrations. Some of them even have different stations set up like water play, sand play, food and drink stations etc. The worlds your oyster, anything you can dream up, you can do at home!


With the ongoing restrictions, it can be a gamble as to how many people will be allowed at your home, if any! But, at the moment, most venue selections are a gamble… Its best to always have a plan B up your sleeve if things don’t go exactly as you hoped. You could opt to postpone the date or move it to the local park instead.

Space. Depending on where you live and how many people you would like to have over, space can be an issue. If you have a friend or family member that has a bigger space perhaps float the idea of hosting at their place? P.s. in our experience a healthy bribe with a home-made cake can help with this 😉

If all else fails, do not fear! You can do some amazing things with a small space you just need to plan it out. If you like the stations idea you could coordinate your party so that a certain number of children visit these stations at any one time and then rotate to the next activity. Pinterest or Instagram are great sources to find some inspiration!

Wherever you decide to host your child’s birthday party, we are sure that you will need a hand with the party supplies! We have a range of on trend decorations and balloons that are sure to brighten up any birthday party! Or, if you are looking for some awesome party activities to add to your party, try our pamper, make up or slime party! Plus, so much more!

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